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We would like to announce with deep regret that Mrs. dr. eng. Iuliana Dumitrescu has deceased.
We have lost an important and valuable researcher of INCDTP, a personality of chemical research applied to textile field at national and European level, a person with a special character and a good colleague.
We are sending sincere condolences to the family and we will keep alive our memory of our colleague Iuliana Dumitrescu!


The National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather, Bucharest was established in 1996, by the merging of the Textile Research Institute with the Leather-Footwear Research Institute.

INCDTP develops RDI activities having a fundamental and applicative  character,  small  and  short  series  micro  production, consultancy and technical assistance services: laboratory investigation and testing, quality management, certification and inspection, editing and publishing of specialty literature (the magazine “Industria Textila”, ISI rated , „Revista de Pielarie-Incaltaminte” [The Leather & Footwear Magazine], CNCSIS rated B+, books, manuals, catalogues and dictionaries).


Results obtained by INCDTP are acknowledged both nationally and internationally, having been awarded with over 50 prizes, amongst which in the last few years:
-  Diploma and gold medals (2) at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva
-  Gold (2), silver (3) and bronze (5) medals at the International Exhibition INVENTIKA
-  Gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions and Investments in Moscow
-  The special award ARCA (Croatia) 2010


Consiliu Director

Consiliul Stiintific


ISO 9001          ISO 14001          ISO 17025


The research activity is carried out as part of the national and European RDI programs. Within the national development programs, the research projects are developed in consortia that involve specialists from research institutes, universities and economic agents from the specific and connected domains: medicine, aeronautics, chemistry, engineering etc.
At European level, INCDTP is actively involved as partner and coordinator in the RDI Programs: FP VII, Leonardo da Vinci, EUREKA, MANUNET, INTEREG IVB etc.


Human health and safety: vascular prostheses, surgical thread, elastic bandages, nets for hernias and eventrations, collagenic textile nets, skin substitute meant for medicine. Environment protection: woven and nonwoven filters, filtering cartridges, asbestos substitute composite cord for friction materials etc. Design and implementation of laboratory testing and control devices etc. Equipment for human safety and protection in hazardous environments: extreme temperatures, chemical and biological agents action etc.


The INCDTP investigation laboratories are accredited by RENAR and perform analyses and tests for textile products, garments, leather and footwear (about 100), for the purpose of preventing unfair competition, providing the competitiveness of the products in demand on the internal and external markets, subjected to increased development and performance. The product certification is an important element on the global market circulation and INCDTP has a consolidated infrastructure in this area, by means of the Textile and Leather Certification Bodies, the Textile and Leather Inspection Bodies.


INCDTP is part of European research structures: ERA - European Research Area, EURATEX - The European Apparel and Textile Organization, TEXTRANET - The European Network of Research Organizations in the field of Textiles, the Technology Platform for Textiles and Clothing, the Technology Platform for Women Scientists, INSME, IAFTCC etc.

SET Final Report - TIME for Energy Efficiency in Textile SMEs